Install Commerce Kickstart on Drupalpro VM

commerce kickstart logo

Use drush to download commerce kickstart

cd websites

drush dl commerce_kickstart

Use drush to install the downloaded files without demo store​

drush si commerce_kickstart --site-name=SiteName

--account-name=user --account-pass=passwd --db-url=mysql://

3306/dbname commerce_kickstart_configure_store_form.install_demo_store=0

Use drush to install the downloaded files with demo store​

drush si commerce_kickstart --site-name=SiteName

​ --account-name=user

--account-pass=passwd --db-url=mysql:// 

Or if you want to use the GUI during installation to configure the store settings

  1. Create a normal drupal site using drush qc --domain=site_name.
  2. Then take note of the database name, user and password in the setting.php file and delete all files and folders in the site folder.
  3. Now copy over all the files and folders from the directory you downloaded with the drush dl commerce_kickstart command.
  4. Edit and save the settings.php file with the database setting noted above.
  5. Use phpMyAdmin to drop all tables in the database
  6. Run update.php by entering
  7. Follow the Gui instructions.